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Terms and conditions

You are closer to having a loving and faithful pal, please read all our terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

General information

The majority of the puppies are spoken for before they whelp; therefore, it is recommended that you submit your reservation when you have made a decision to purchase a GWP of America pup. 

Email is the best way to reach us for general questions. Besides taking care of our dogs, we are working at the office during the daylight hours which makes phone contact challenging.  

If you plan to reserve a puppy, it is best to send us an email first. Before working with a new client, we like to know more about you.

Once you have decided that a GWP of America is the right choice, you may submit a $200 non-refundable deposit to be applied towards the total purchase price of a pup. You can use the puppy order to submit your deposit.

Selection process

The date that we receive your $200 deposit will determine the order of availability. Once your deposit is received, that guarantees your spot on the list for a puppy, but not necessarily the order of pick.  
When you send your deposit, please send us an email describing what your plans are for your new dog and include which characteristics are most important to you in your next hunting companion, such as sex, coat, size, and temperament. We will use your email as a reference to help us select a puppy that will best match what you are looking for. Puppies are evaluated between 6-7 weeks and this is when we match prospective puppies with their chosen families.

Puppy pricing

2019 Price:

Puppies $1000

Deposit $200*

Payment in the form of Cash or Check is accepted.  You can also use our secure online credit card option to pay your deposit or pay in full.

The buyer WILL NOT receive puppy until PAID IN FULL.

All pups will have their first shots and wormed as necessary.  The tails are docked and the dewclaws removed. 

You will also receive the AKC registration certificate and registration instructions and a three-generation pedigree.

*If you decide to cancel your puppy reservation,  the deposit is not refunded.

Picking up your puppy

Our puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks. 
You can pick up your puppy in Eagle Pass, Del Rio, San Antonio, Laredo, Texas or we can ship your puppy to you. We charge a flat rate of $700 (that fee includes a ticket, crate, health certificate, and other shipping costs).  Most shipping costs are based on weight and size of the crate. The older they are, the more it can cost to ship them. Fees vary from different airlines and we use Delta & United Airlines. Shipping dates cannot be guaranteed due to the weather. Airlines have strict guidelines when it comes to storms and temperatures. When we book a flight for your puppy, we look for the shortest and most-direct flights but understand that this is not always possible.
All of GWP of America puppies will be eating solid food and will have been introduced to the crate before they leave for their new homes.